5 Luxury Classic Cars Used for Weddings in the UK

Even looking at the history of hiring a luxury car for a wedding, it has never been an option for the average person. Take a look at a few stunning examples of vehicles that are available for hire in the UK.

Bentley ‘R’ Type

Arguably one of the greenest cars on the market, Bentley is still among the most popular car brands getting a wedding invitation. The ‘R’ Type is among the most popular choices for classic cars from the 1950s. The interior is furnished with leather and polished woodwork. The wing-mounted chrome headlamps have been luring people for decades.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

The Silver Cloud is still among the most popular wedding cars for hire in the UK. The Silver Cloud III has twin headlamps, unlike the older Cloud I and II models. It is really up to preference, as all three models are in demand for a momentous occasion.

With its chrome bumpers, sweeping lines, and iconic long bonnet, the Silver Cloud is a good choice for a memorable drive to the wedding altar.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

This British icon has been labelled as The Best Car in The World on a couple of occasions. Heads are guaranteed to turn once the Phantom makes its way down the road. The Phantom is considered to be at the pinnacle of luxury motoring.

It is not hard to understand when looking at its notable column stature radiator. Even though the price tag comes in at £362k, which is unattainable for most, it is still possible to hire one for a special occasion.

The Morris Minor

This monster machine was manufactured between 1948 and 1971. It is known as a family car in some circles. The interior is not as spacious as the family cars we know today, but this one is definitely an option when choosing a wedding car.

Vintage Rolls-Royce

This champion from the 1930s is known for its spoked wheels, brass headlamps, and whitewall tyres. Followers of the Downton Abbey TV series might recognise this beauty. The interior is strikingly beautiful, having enough space for a maximum of 6 passengers.

Even though clients may need a considerable wedding budget to book one of these fancy automobiles for their wedding, they still remain wonderful to look at. Subscribers can find some great advice for finding a suitable chauffeur service on this site.