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Airport Transfers Bristol By Cornelia Cars

Cornelia Cars is available 24/7 for Bristol airport arrivals and help you get just about anywhere in Bristol in the comfort of a luxurious car. We value your time and understand your corporate travel needs, which is why we employ only top-notch cars and friendly chauffeurs to make your airport transfers in Bristol and North Somerset fast and comfortable.

When you book our service for Bristol airport transfers, rest assured that our chauffeur will wait for you outside the terminal and will greet you with a friendly smile. Hop into the car and let the chauffeur take care of your luggage. Our GPS enabled vehicle will get you to your destination via the fastest route and meanwhile you can catch up on emails or take phone calls in the comfort and quiet of our top-notch German car.

What is an Airport transfers?

Airport transfers is a connection transport service by a ground transport service either from an airport to a location or from a location to an airport. The claimed benefit from airport transfers is that it is stress free travel with a friendly and respectful driver, and it is economical and comfortable. Common locations could include hotel, home, cruise, train station, airport, city, holiday destination, workplace and port. Similar services include business transfers, executive transfers, hotel transfers, exhibition transfers and tour & holiday transfers.

Types of Airport transfers

Airport transfers are pre-booked in most cases and available in a variety of modes. The most common modes are private or personal and shared mode airport transfers.

A shared airport transfers resembles bus ticketing system. If you miss one, you wait and have to catch the next one on the timetable and it is not as personal as a private transfer where the driver is waiting for you to arrive at the airport. It can be cost effective for single passengers. The disadvantage with shared airport transfers is that little flexibility to make your own time because the company has a timetable and most journeys are to fixed points, meaning another transport may be required to get to your final destination. The journey can take a long time to get to your destination. The private transfer is pre-booked on an appointment basis according to the customer needs and more personal than shared transfers. It is more cost effective for groups with multiple passengers. The drawback with private airport transfers is that the total cost is borne totally by the total number of occupants and can be prohibitive if traveling alone.

Standard services of an Airport transfer

As it is time critical service, efficiency and professionalism of higher standard is expected from an airport transfer service. Prompt, courteous and humorous thought service is expected from drivers and people involved that plays vital role to make the transfer service attractive at it should be. Travelers are keen for clean and comfortable cars, on-time pick-up guarantee, and do not expect charge for delayed flights, availability of satellite navigation systems and professional drivers. Travelers also expect to be met and greeted at agreed locations.

Choosing Airport transfers

Things to consider when choosing airport transfers among others include checking if the airport transfers company is a licensed company and if the service is available 24/7. It is also important to understand the pricing method. Be clear of pre-booked transfers fees and any additional fees that might be incurred in case of any additional drop offs, pickups or diversions, check if any extra charges if plane is delayed or cancelled by the airline. Make sure there is mechanism to confirm your bookings for the service. Issues surrounding children or infant travellers needs clarification during booking of an airport transfers. A mechanism to locate the driver and or the car you will be transferred to has to be known beforehand and be clear of any smoking policy while in the car. Worth having contacts if something goes wrong at any stage of the transfer and approximate distance and travel time to your destination.

How Airport transfers works

Booking an airport transfer is quick and easy. Just decide your destination, choose dates and make a decision as to whether private or shared transfer service you want to have. Document your booking confirmation and keep it safe. On the date, you will usually be met personally by your driver who will be clearly holding your name on a sign, or you should follow the directions given on your booking for transfer to the specified meeting place. The process of getting into the transfer vehicle is faster in case of private transfer bookings while shared transfer booking might take longer. Airport transfer bookings could also be made on return travel in which case you might receive some form of communication before the time and date to arrange your exact pick up time. In this case, it is important to supply contact details when booking.

For more information on Airport Transfers from Bristol call Cornelia Cars on 0117 214 0805

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