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Travelling from Bristol to London can be a stressful and uncomfortable journey. This is the story from a recent customer who used our Bristol chauffeur service as an alternative to the train for travelling to London.

Bristol to Heathrow Airport Taxi

“I had about a weeks notice of the train strike that would affect all trains going from Bristol to London. There was a 2-day ‘stoppage’ and one of those days was when I had a very important meeting to attend in London. I was considering a taxi as an alternative way of getting from Bristol to London, but in the end I found the perfect solution – Cornelia Cars Bristol Chauffeur service.”

“I say I had a weeks notice, the ‘strike’ was planned for the day of my meeting, Thursday, and the following day. On the Saturday before there were news reports that the strike might be averted. I telephoned the train ticket hotline and was told that I could buy a ticket, but I wouldn’t know for sure if the train was running until the night before. I didn’t want to have to risk finding out on the eve of my meeting, and she was a little ambiguous if I would get a refund on any ticket I bought – so I decided not to buy a train ticket.

There were 6 colleagues who were planning on travelling from Bristol to London for the meeting. We held a conference call and discussed the travel arrangements. One colleague decided he would drive, but as the roads of London would be chaotic, more so than normal because of the ‘action’, he would drive to London the night before and stay in a hotel. Two colleagues decided the meeting was not that important after all and ‘dropped out’, leaving three of us looking for a way to travel.

Heathrow to Bristol Airport Taxi

Our first idea was to get a coach to London. Most were fully booked, and those that weren’t were leaving at inconvenient times.

Our next idea was to hire a taxi. A few quotes later and we had two options. Pay for a taxi from Bristol to London and waiting time for the driver, then he would bring us back (quotes around £410) or pay for a taxi from Bristol to London and then try and find a London taxi to bring us home again (quotes added up to about £360). None of the companies offering quotes could assure us of the type or quality of the vehicle or driver. We didn’t want to risk being left in London in the hope of finding a taxi service to Bristol.

I was telling a friend of my woes, and she suggested a chauffeur service, Cornelia Cars. Her husband regularly uses them when travelling to London and also as an airport transfer service when getting a flight from, or to, Bristol airport.

I called Cornelia Cars and explained our circumstances. They agreed to collect us at 08:00 from the office, take us to London, wait for us during the day and leave London at 18:00 to travel back to the office. The price was £360.

I was also assured of a high spec, quality and comfortable car, that would easily accommodate the three of us and a professional, full-time driver.

The day went without a hitch. Our driver, Ian, was polite and courteous and was willing to stop whenever we needed a ‘comfort break’. It was a pleasant journey

This being the exact opposite of when I get the train to London when I have to ask people to leave my ‘reserved seat’ (why do they blame you when they have to move?), and again every time I have spend 5 minutes queueing for the loo and return to find a new ‘lodger’ in my seat. After the train I normally have to suffer two tube journeys and a taxi to get to my final destination. It was a welcome pleasure to have Ian drop us at the door.


The return journey home was equally un-eventful. I cannot remember the last time I took the train to London without having a disaster story about the journey to tell my husband. We also got back to Bristol about 90 minutes earlier than we normally achieve.

So in all in all – using Cornelia Cars was easier, more convenient, more comfortable and cheaper than using the train.

I say cheaper as the cost of travelling to London with the chauffeur service was less money than getting three train tickets to London, and considerably cheaper if you add in the Tube and taxi rides that normally follow the main train journey.

So, First Great Western trains you have lost a regular customer to Cornelia Cars

I was telling a colleague about the excellent service and value for money we had received. The week before she, and 3 other colleagues had taken the train from Bristol to Portsmouth at a cost of over £800 for the return tickets. Using Ian would have saved the company considerable money on travel expenses. First Great Western, you may have lost a lot of regular customers.

The only two questions that came out of my experience were:

1. Why is a strike day of ‘stoppage’ called ‘taking action’, especially as they were all sat outside the train station completely inactive?

2. Why isn’t everyone using Cornelia Cars to travel from Bristol to London or London Heathrow to Bristol?

If you are travelling to the capital from Bristol, or anywhere else for that matter, I would highly recommend getting a quote from the Chauffeur Bristol service.”

Cornelia Cars offers a chauffeur service from their base in North Somerset, from the South West UK to London, Birmingham, Manchester and everywhere in between. We offer an airport transfer service from London to Bristol Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and all other major UK Airports. Our costs are calculated to be cheaper than normal train fares, saving you money. Call today for a quote on 0117 214 0805

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